How it all began...

The BayouCrew

Credit © Steven Freeman Photo Credit

The first purchase

Brian purchases a small $169.00 "Cajun Injector" smoker and makes his first batch of smoked jerky. He certainly didn't know this would change the course of his life! Being the type of person that does everything 110%, making the best jerky in the world quickly becomes his obsession. Stephen Reed and Shayla Davis start helping, and the BayouCrew is born! They smoke meat around the clock for four months straight, perfecting their original marinade and smoking process and having a blast.


Here comes David

David joins the BayouCrew and is now referred to as "David Harris, Beef Jerky Lawyer." It's his job to keep us in line and he's good at it!


Shayla goes full time

In a bold and courageous move, Ms. Shayla actually quits her job with a local hospital to help Brian develop, produce and sell Smokehouse Bayou Jerky. Brian often says that this was by far the biggest catalyst to Smokehouse Bayou's success.


Introducing....The Colonel

Rob "The Colonel" Berry absolutely appears out of nowhere to join the BayouCrew. His timely arrival and selfless efforts have been tremendously important in moving the dream forward.


Full steam ahead

The BayouCrew brings their Bayou BBQ Sauce and Bayou Dust to production. (Get you some!)


The Big Time

After almost 2 years of countless hours of work and a ton of help from friends and family, the BayouCrew finally gets their first 3 flavors USDA approved! Immediately, they start building relationships with distributors and the Smokehouse Bayou brand starts popping up in stores throughout The Gulf Coast.

7 Flavors
70 Stores
50 Years In Military
50000 Happy Customers