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The Tactical Games

The Tactical Games is quickly gaining popularity as one of the newest fitness competitions in America. The founder of The Tactical Games, Tim Burke describes the games as "Crossfit meets Combat." Most athletes are familiar with the Crossfit fitness regiment. CrossFit's approach is to train athletes in functional movements that apply to everyday life, including strength, balance, agility, accuracy, endurance and explosiveness. The Tactical Games competition takes it a step further by adding live shooting skills and stress management, to the mix. This combination of fitness and shooting skills under physical stress is drawing the attention of athletes and gun enthusiasts from all over the country.
As Mr. Burke, a former member of the Army's special forces explained, "We are looking for the most dangerous athlete in the world.'

Honestly, who wouldn't want to see that?

The next event that you can attend for The Tactical Games will be held in Meridian, MS on February 23rd and 24th. Spectators are allowed to attend for free. Food and other venders will be on site, as well. Check out thetacticalgames.com for more information.

Upon developing a friendship after meeting Smokehouse Bayou's "BayouCrew", Tim found a connection with the owners of Smokehouse Bayou Smoked Jerky. Smokehouse Bayou is a Veteran Owned business, as well. Their unique jerky smoking techniques and products have not only garnished a very loyal customer base, but has impressed industry leaders and university level food scientists. The BayouCrew and Mr. Burke saw a great opportunity for Veteran business owners to work together in their efforts to give back to the military community.
"I was honored when Tim asked if we would be the Official Jerky of The Tactical Games and also provide on-site food for his events," stated Brian Ducharme, Founder and Head Pitmaster of Smokehouse Bayou. "Our goal is to be World-Class in everything we do and there is no doubt that the leadership and competitors of The Tactical Games have that approach to life, themselves."
"Jerky is a great food for athletes, military personnel and first responders due to it's shelf-stability, portability and high protein content," commented Mr. Burke. "We are happy to have Smokehouse Bayou in the The Tactical Games family."

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