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Hey guys I want to welcome you to  Smokehouse Bayou. We’re in the deep south and I’d love to tell you about our company.

We are a veteran-owned and operated small business. We specialize in slow-smoked jerky, that’s smoked with real wood!

It’s delicious, it’s world-class and it’s what’s made us the official jerky of the Tactical Games, The Nous Defion Group and The Challenge Outdoors.

These companies are world-class and we are proud to be chosen to represent them. We encourage you to visit their website for more info.

Hunters, athletes, military members are raving about our jerky and thousands of average Joe’s can’t get enough!

We love our customers and God Bless our troops! Check out our YouTube channel for tricks of the trade, behind the scenes cooking tips, and to see how we create such a superior product!

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2018 ChiChi Miguel BBQ Throwdown, Grand Champions!

Sponsored by Emeril Lagasse Foundation

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